As the road opens, another level crossing has disappeared

The new underpass has been inaugurated and opened to traffic, together with the cycle path, the result of a €2 million investment.

venegono superiore sottopasso

The ribbon-cutting ceremony made the opening of the new 3.5m underpass to traffic and the new cycle path in Venegono Superiore, official.


The underpass and cycle path have replaced the old level crossing in Via De Gasperi. The work was long and very expensive, costing a total of about €2 million, and was carried out thanks to funding from the planning contract signed by FerroviaNord with Lombardy Region.


Two roundabouts have also been built, to facilitate access to the underpass. The new section of road, which is straight and about 200m long, has two, 3.25m wide lanes, and two 1m wide shoulders on both sides, and a 2.5m wide cycle-pedestrian path.


In addition to the finishing touches (railings, fencing, paving, etc.), the work was completed with a new section of the back of the municipal aqueduct (under the new road network), a new lighting system and a flood detection system for the underpass.


The inauguration ceremony was attended by the President of Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, the Vice President of Lombardy Regional Council, Francesca Brianza, the Chairman of FerroviaNord, Andrea Gibelli, and the Mayor of Venegono Superiore, Ambrogio Crespi.


“The elimination of the level crossing is something we were particularly committed to, to improve the safety of the network and, of course, to improve the flow of traffic,” the Chairman of FerroviaNord, Andrea Gibelli, explained. “Since January 2013, a total of 26 level crossings have been closed in various towns and villages along the network. Other similar work is covered by the Planning Contract, which was signed with Lombardy Region in July 2016.”

Pubblicato il 16 maggio 2018
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