Local elections, the lists and candidates for mayor in the municipalities in which voting is taking place

Midday was the deadline for presenting the lists. In Varese Province, the people of Jerago con Orago, Lonate Pozzolo, Agra, Venegono Superiore and Azzate will be voting.

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Midday was the deadline for presenting the lists for the upcoming local election on 10 June in the municipalities in which voting is taking place. Below is a short summary of the candidates for mayor and of the lists supporting them.


Election in Agra

This morning, in the small village of Agra, all of the cards were put on the table, and there were three lists. To tell the truth, the “Progetto Sociale per Agra” had been announced well in advance; this civic list of clearly political inspiration is close to Forza Nuova, and is supporting the young Nicolò Mattei for mayor.

There are another two civic groups standing. In one, “Uniti per Agra”, Luca Baglioni is running for mayor, and the candidates for councillor include the current mayor, Ernesto Griggio.

And for “Agra in Movimento”, the candidate is a woman, Barbara Barozzi.


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Election in Azzate

There are three lists running in the local election in Azzate. They are three civic lists, which are Azzate in Valbossa (which is associated with the Lega), whose candidate is Carlo Arioli, Progetto Comune, whose candidate is Gianmario Bernasconi (the outgoing mayor), and Insieme per Azzate, whose candidate is Raffaele Simone.


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Election in Venegono Superiore

The situation was in a state of flux until the last moment, in Venegono Superiore, where the panorama changed a number of times in the last few weeks. The split in the centre-right became consolidated, with the result that there will be two, separate lists running; on the one side, the Lega, Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia, supporting the outgoing mayor, Ambrogio Crespi, and on the other, the “social right”, with Roberto Castiglioni leading a civic list that includes the Popolo della Famiglia, who were unable to run independently, as they had announced.

However, Fabiano Lorenzin is also a centre-right candidate running for mayor with Per Venegono Intesa Civica; as a commissioner for Forza Italia, Lorenzin played an important role in the crisis that saw the departure of the councillors Onofrio Pirrone and Franco Bonacci (who, today, are running with Roberto Castiglioni).

The centre-left has also had its troubles; a long time was spent working on an agreement with the civic list Bene in Comune and the 5 Star Movement. When the agreement fell through, it appeared that both sides were withdrawing from the town hall elections; then, unexpectedly, both managed to present their lists. Bene in Comune is putting forward Lelia Mazzotta Natale, the only female candidate for mayor, and the 5 Star Movement has Mauro Neri, who is in charge of Venegono in Movimento.


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Election in Lonate Pozzolo

In Lonate Pozzolo, there are three lists running, after the resignation of Danilo Rivolta, who was caught up in a judicial enquiry, for which he negotiated a plea bargain. Nadia Rosa is the candidate for Uniti e Liberi, the civic list that brings together members of the centre-left and of the centre-right. Ausilia Angelino is the candidate for the list “Il centrodestra per Lonate”. The third candidate is Modesto Verderio, representing the list Grande Nord, the political movement born out of the Lega.


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Election in Jerago con Orago

In Jerago con Orago, there are no fewer than four lists running. Emilio Aliverti is running for mayor, with Jerago con Orago Insieme, and is taking over from outgoing Mayor Ginelli. The young Matilde Ceron is the candidate for mayor, with the list Jeragorago di Tutti. Salvatore Marino is running for mayor, with the list Gente di Jerago; he too is an outgoing councillor, after he broke with Ginelli. Finally, Giuseppe Grasso is the candidate with Borghi Più Belli.


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