No more empty desks, the social campaign to fight cyberbullying

In the video of the Fare x bene onlus that is circulating on the main social networks, you can see a girl who shows up at her new class, but does not tell a "normal" story


No more empty desks. No more cyberbullying. The social campaign of the Fare x bene onlus is one that touchs deeply and makes us reflect.

In the video that is circulating on the main social networks, you can see a girl who shows up at her new class, but does not tell a “normal” story.


Stefania, this is the girl’s invented name, she left Varese (but she could have gone from any city) and tells her story, a story of bullying, or rather of cyberbullying: two glasses too many, she who faints at a party, some of her “friends” who abuse her and post the video that immediately spreads across the web; she who is contacted by hundreds of people who humiliate her even more, insult her, denigrate her. And Stefania who cannot handle it anymore, greets her dad, and makes the final choice to jump out of the window.

A tragic, but also tragically true story. She was not called Stefania and she was not from Varese, but Carolina and she was from Novara the 14-year-old who jumped from her balcony on 5th January 2013: she was raped by several boys at a party during which she had drunk a lot; the trauma of violence was then added to that of bullying when the video of those abuses ended up on the net and for her began the hell of insults and mockery. She decided to end it shortly later, throwing herself into the void from the third floor of her home in Novara, where she lived with her father. Eight minors, all aged between 13 and 15, were investigated for instigation of suicide.

This is the message of the Fare x bene onlus campaign:

Let’s fight cyberbullying together, support us by donating your 5 × 1000 to Share this video now, so that there’s never an empty desk again. # maipiùunbancovuoto #bancovuoto #farexbene

Pubblicato il 16 maggio 2018
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