Five walks to digest blowouts at Christmas day

From the pathway Sentiero del Sole to the plain Piana di Vegonno: here there are some of perfect venues for a regenerating walk in these days in the end of December

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Did lunch and dinner put you to the test? The nice days at the end of December that are about to come, offer the best time for a walk outside, the best remedy for your spirit and your body. The area of Varese offers a dense network of paths for the people who love trekking and walks, but if you are looking for something quieter, just to digest a few slices of panettone (typical Italian sweet at Christmas day) more than the normality, here there are a few suggestions accessible to all.

Two romantic paths on the shores of lake

The walk of love in Aspra is one of the most evocative pathways in Basso Verbano. You coast the lake, coming across different glimpses and sceneries. It is not completely accessible to all, but many routes are walkable without any difficulty. This is a curiosity: there’s a little wall that is inspired to the one in Alassio, where every year a few tiles are put with the writings of the winner of the contest “Scrivi l’Amore”(write your love) at San Valentine’s Day, a prize intitled to Mario Berrino.

Where to lose yourself in your own thoughts

The plain Piana di Vegonno is definitely a relaxing venue, where you can walk and admire nature, in an atmosphere of quietness. It is located in Azzate, not far from the centre of the town. A path crosses the fields and the lawns of this wonderful area.

Strolling between history and nature

It is a little bit more than 3 kilometres long, in the heart of the woodland and heath, via Gaggio is an historic route and a valuable green area, along which you can discover testimonials linked to country life and to the events of History with a capital h. From the little square in the village of Tornavento you can reach the Austro-Hungarian ex-douane and Lonate Pozzolo. If you want further information about Tornavento, elected by our readers as the most beautiful small village in the area of Varese READ here.

A dreamy landscape

Among the walks that are accessible to every type of walking ability there’s the path Sentiero del Sole in Agra, it is an easy walk, among the woodlands of the area from which you can reach some panoramic viewpoints which are very evocative. Belvedere in Agra is one of the most beloved and photographed panoramic viewpoint in our area.

Art, faith and spirituality, it’s the most famous ascent.

If you deal with it from a spiritual or sportive point of view, the ascent of the Cappelle del Sacro Monte in Varese represents a unique experience. It is about two kilometres walking uphill in a characteristic cornice among art, venues of faith and nature. Sacro Monte is one of the UNESCO heritage in the area of Varese, here you can find the story of the via Sacra stage by stage.

Are you looking for another route? Go to the page dedicated to the Paths of the Area of Varese.

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