Railway, the building site is not in operation: villages are tormented and worried.

The works have been slowing down since three months. The trade unions met the prefect and they are worried: “the roads are devastated and the project suspended.” The problem still is in the management of lands.

The citizens of Induno Olona, Arcisate and Cantello and the other villages which are directly or indirectly touched by the building site for the construction of the “Arcisate-Stabio” railway, they knew and were ready to stand years of annoyances, for this they asked just a thing: to avoid the interruption of works and the enlargement of time.

But the works have been slowing down since three months and since one month the building sites are completely empty. What we can see now, between Arcisate and Induno is a huge laceration which goes through houses, streets and squares: it is completely inaccessible by some barriers where since days everything is still. There is only water, which comes from the rain of these days, which flows along what had to become the railway, within the end of the year. In the centre of Arcisate, in stops and starts, it seems a real river which goes through the village.

And when an imposing building site, as this one, is slow the problems increase. For this, the mayors of Cantello, Induno Olona and Arcisate were received by the prefect and the people in charge of the works of Rfi and the firm in charge to discuss one of the big problems which come from this.

Photography gallery of the building sites in ARCISATE and in INDUNO OLONA

But talking about the mechanism that misfired all the building site, there are some difficulties identified in the management of the lands from the excavation. When the works began, they found that the removed land contained a large quantity of arsenic, such that to demand a particular management of all these lands. On one hand, this requires a bigger effort, but on the other hand it is necessary a place where these excavations, about 800,000 cubic metres, can be stored with all the procedures of the law.


After a first period of negotiation and researches of a solution, they found the area of the ex mine Rainer in Arcisate, which seemed to correspond to all the essential characteristics: then the stop came. New analyses on the excavated soil have observed some traces of hydrocarbons and materials which involve more complications in the phase of storage, according to the law. And this is what stops everything: without a place where move the land they cannot go on with the excavation.

For this reason we see workers dealing with wood-working and constructions linked to the line, because they are the only one who can go on with little parts of the project. The excavations are totally still, a pause which is seriously starting to worry the mayors and the citizens nearby.

On Monday, in the prefecture, the mayors faced the problem concerning the streets. Before the works started there was an inspection with the responsible of the building site to take a photo of the previous situation with the promise that at the end of works all would have been like before. But now the time limits extend and so in several parts the streets are tormented by the passage of trucks and heavy transports working in the excavations: holes, stones and dangerous deviations are the daily reality of people who go around the village and the mayors ask to those who are dealing with the building sites to deal also with the street safety and the end of works.

But this is just a little part of the global problem and the more directly involved mayors start to be seriously worried for the future of the building site. “Now we know how and when this situation will unblock, explains the mayor of Induno Maria Angela Bianchi, and it is difficult to find answers through the institution. I wrote a letter with other mayors to the new regional assessor Maurizio Del Tenno, and I wrote immediately also to the new minister Maurizio Lupi, but if we don’t receive any answer we will take a coach and go protesting.” According to the mayor all this question is not considered enough: “ we must stop to call this project Arcisate-Stabio, Bianchi explains, and not just because concretely the building site begin in Induno Olona, but above all because this line is not a secondary line concerning those two villages: this is the Malpensa-Lugano line, if we call it this way maybe people can understand also at national level the strategic importance of this work and how it is important not to stop the works.”

Also the mayor of Arcisate Angelo Pierobon is really worried, “in the next two weeks there will be decisive moments to find a solution, explains the mayor who yesterday talked on the phone with the assessor of transports Maurizio Del Tenno” : the assessor assured me that he’s supervising the situation to try to find a solution. The problem is that there is a too pressing legislation and problems that had to be revaluated. Now the village is devastated, we all knew that the works would have create problems but we didn’t want to convince ourselves. Now we hope that responsibility won’t be passed to someone else and a further slowdown of the project.”

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Pubblicato il 10 maggio 2013
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