The Saint Pancrazio Fair is returning with Cacciari, Libeskind and Cordoba

Its opening is fixed on Friday, 3rd May, and this is the sixth edition of an appointment that also this year will bring great names of culture, art and sport.

From 3rd to 12th May, Vedano Olona is animated for the sixth edition of the Saint Pancrazio Fair, an event that brings great names of culture, art and sport every year, to meditate together on a subject chosen by the creator and director of this nice initiative, Father Roberto Verga.

Obviously, this year, the subject is work, as the French writer, Charles Peguy mentioned in his quote, which will the “slogan” of the event, “My work contains the eco of life, often in endless waves.”

Father Roberto’s invitation goes beyond the simple and current discussion about the lack  of work, and extends to the meditation on how human life is totally focused on work, on the importance of work not only to survive, but also to grow up and to contribute to the common welfare.

To talk about these subjects, Father Roberto invited Philosopher Massimo Cacciari, who will be the host of the inaugural day, on 3rd May, and other important people, who are witnesses of the work, carried out with passion and participation to the collective growth.

There will be Professor Mauro Ferrari, the greatest world authority in the field of the nanotechnologies applied on Oncology; Architect Daniel Libeskind, who designed the Twin Towers’ rebuilding in New York; Francesca Dego, the most important Italian violinist in her era; Giusy Versace, the Italian champion of Athletics and Ivan Cordoba, the former footballer, who today is team manager of Inter. The presence of Javier Zanetti is not certain, after the accident, which occurred on Sunday, and which caused him to break his Achilles tendon.

This year, the Saint Pancrazio Fair is also on social networks: there is a new website, a Facebook page and an account on Twitter.

To see the whole programme of the Saint Pancrazio Fair, click here.

To watch the video, click here.


Pubblicato il 02 maggio 2013
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