“Rolando gave us a lot, Hope keeps going thanks to him”

The affection for Del Torchio, ex-missionary who was recently freed from his captors, is also given by the solidarity projects that he founded. Mirto Boni tells us how ONLUS, which helps the poor, was born.

Rolando Del Torchio rapito nelle Filippine

A volcano of energy.” For those who know him well, Rolando Del Torchio is all of this. A volcano of positive energy that through the years allowed us to build and develop in the poorest countries of earth and in the Philippines in particular.

After the nightmare that for six months involved him and his family, the moment to smile has finally arrived. The fingers crossed by those who had hoped for his freedom have finally uncrossed and prayers have been granted.

In Angera, the small town where Del Torchio was born and raised, the moment when he will be able to meet his family again is awaited with great joy, mainly by his mom Giugi. A light-hearted wait because even if from the Lago Maggiore Rolando has been missing for a while, the admiration and the attention for the actions of that ex-missionary so determined and brave has always been very high.

“He has a great charisma and the ability to get others involved in his projects,” said Mirto Boni, president of Hope,the non-profit organisation created by Del Torchio at the end of the 90s. It is an organisation that since its birth, has carried on solidarity projects in many parts of the world, from Africa to Latin America. The activity of Hope is still going on thanks to the help of volunteers and the organisation’s correspondents in the involved places. “At the beginning he managed to gather tens of people living in Angera, not to expose his idea and ask for their support. He also got people from Naples involved, because in the first years of priesthood, he served there. I remember that we had to rent a room in Leggiuno because we were more than 250.”

Hope’s volunteers and Del Torchio were in touch with each other during the years to start the fund and help raising and continue the initiatives. The organisation is a small reality but during the years had great success “He often used to come back to Angera to tell about his missions. We also went to visit him twice in Mindanao, in the Philippines,” says Boni. “It wasn’t an easy environment to live in at all, it was a very poor land and the Christians were just a minority. Moreover, Rolando has never denied the difficulties that he’s found. His commitment, anyway, has been really great, and he’s stood by the side of the outcasts to help them to achieve their redemption. That’s why we’ve always been very close to him and we’re happy that this bad event is over.”

The town of the Rocca is waiting to be able to see the smile of the former missionary as soon as possible. A prayer of gratitude for his liberation was added to the 8 AM mass of Sunday morning, and also the alderman of Angera, Alessandro Paladini Molgora, who, in these day has managed the delicate aspect of communication, has a positive attitude. “I wish I could find a moment to show him the affection of the community and finally say: ‘Welcome back, Rolando!'”

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