Jorge Lorenzo makes a “pit stop” in a restaurant in Viale Valganna

The motorcycling champion was “caught” having lunch at La Vecchia 2001, by a reader. The restaurant manager describes to us the menu that the Spaniard chose.

jorge lorenzo a varese

A lunch break of fish, between a training session in a gym in Lugano (where he lives) and the transfer to Bologna, where his new work tool will be presented, on 20 January. Jorge Lorenzo, the 29-year-old Spanish rider, and 5 times motorcycling world champion (three times in the premier class) made a “pit stop” in Varese.

 “Por Fuera” (which, is Lorenzo’s nickname) allowed himself to have lunch in the Garden City, at the restaurant La Vecchia 2001, to be precise, in Viale Valganna, as the photo taken by one of our readers (see photo above) shows, and as Salvatore Terrasi, who, with his wife Maria, runs the Varese restaurant, confirmed to us.

And it was Salvatore who told us what Lorenzo and his companions (a manager and a technician) ate. “A sportsman’s lunch: a big salad and a dish of fish and vegetables, without salt and with just drop of extra-virgin oil, which we get sent from Sicily. And no coffee.”

Incidentally, it was the Spanish rider’s move to Ducati that made a fan out of the restaurant manager (see the picture below, with Lorenzo). “Ducati is the top; we hope Jorge gets better results than Valentino did on the Italian bike. We’ll certainly support him; he’s a lovely guy, polite and friendly. And as he lives in Ticino, we hope he comes back to our restaurant.”

Lorenzo is not new to making short visits to Varese Province, and not only to pass through. Four years ago, for example, he landed in Malpensa in order to train specifically on the Ciglione circuit (click HERE for our article), a habit in motocross that many speed riders have (at least when the world season is over) in order to improve their reflexes and ability to ride in more extreme track conditions. And a technician from Varese, the electronic engineer Davide Marelli, worked for many years with the Majorcan rider in the Yamaha pit. This collaboration ended this year, when Lorenzo joined Ducati.

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