Milan-Rome, EasyJet is not giving up: the Malpensa-Fiumicino flight has been confirmed

After Alitalia’s decision not to guarantee the link between Italy’s two main airports, the British company is reviewing its plans.

Easyjet apertura incidente

Alitalia has cancelled the Malpensa-Fiumicino route and EasyJet has replied by restarting its service, which was going to be eliminated in March. This is the latest in the evolution of what was once the most thriving domestic market, between the economic capital and the political capital, which, in the last few years, has seen a reduction in value, discounting, in particular, the increasingly tough competition from high-speed trains, with the new Trenitalia services, Frecciarossa and NTV Italo.


“We constantly review the scheduling of our flights, to guarantee a sustainable service that also satisfies the needs of our passengers,” Frances Ouseley, the director for EasyJet in Italy, explained in the official statement. “In the current market, we wanted to give continuity to the service between Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino, providing a complete service to passengers who, every day, choose to travel from Milan to Rome.” So, if Alitalia is stepping down, we are ready, also to review the choices announced only a few months ago, in a context in which EasyJet has proven to be dynamic (keeping an eye on the direct competitor, Ryanair, who has returned to Malpensa).

EasyJet’s Malpensa-Fiumicino Flight
The Malpensa-Fiumicino flight will be guaranteed six times a week, every day, except Saturday.

Alitalia says goodbye to the Malpensa-Fiumicino route
The news of Alitalia’s farewell to the Malpensa-Rome route (three flights a day) has had a particular impact on how 2016 ended, because of the symbolic value of the route in a more general, delicate situation of the national airline. Alitalia is keeping three flights to Tokyo, New York and Abu Dhabi from Malpensa, despite the persistent rumours of a possible downsizing of intercontinental flights to and from Milan (it should be remembered that Malpensa has always been an intercontinental airport, because of the limits of the runways at Linate). A few months ago, Alitalia already closed the Crew Briefing Centre.

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