Students from all over the world reflect on the future of nutrition

The World School Forum has opened in ITE Tosi. Delegations from 22 countries have come for an experience of meeting, knowledge and debate that will end on 31 October.

Itc Tosi World school forum 2015

One hundred students coming from 22 different countries have come to Busto Arsizio, a city in northern Italy. The World School Forum has opened in ITE Tosi (Polytechnic and Economics School “Tosi”) where students will debate on nutrition themes on the wake of Expo.

The students are staying until 31 October and will be involved in a packed agenda of initiatives to gather information and read up on the three themes that they will be discussing:

  • Equal distribution of land
  • Should food be good-looking or tasty?
  • Carnivorous diet, virtues and vices

For the third time, after 2008 and 2011, the high school in Viale Stelvio houses this important event that will combine discussion moments with social activities.

The first three days are indeed dedicated to knowledge: in Sirmione (a town in the province of Brescia) different delegations from Australia, New Zealand, Romania, Japan, Russia, Finland, Germany, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Turkey, the United Kingdom,… will get to know each other and work together. Along with one hundred foreign students there will also be a hundred  Tosi students that will double as delegates and hosts: the organization of this event was possible thanks to the hospitality of their families.

The students will also visit EXPO during their two-week work period for the Forum, following itineraries made for them to better understand the debate themes; while on Thursday 29 they will be hosted by the Province in the council room to discuss about one of the themes. Visits to Santa Caterina in Leggiuno and  to the museum “Triennale” in Milan have also been scheduled. The final debate will take place in the lecture hall in the Tosi school on 30 October in the afternoon.

Two parties will be held for the students and their families, one on Friday 23 and an encore on Sunday 25 where each delegation will perform their traditional songs and dances.

World School is an event that was born in 1997 in Japan: every year, students from all over the world meet up representing their countries to create a forum that has received moral support from the Japanese Minister of Education and from the embassies of the countries involved. Only one school from each member country is chosen as delegate in World School. Every year the network schools send three students and a teacher to the Forum that is usually held between the end of October and the start of November.

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