The LIUC University asks spring more freedom

During the event “Primavera delle università” (Spring of the Universities) the dean Visconti and the President Graglia have made a call: “loosen the controls to increase the growth and the development”

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“To release resources, Universities as companies should be free from bureaucracy, excessive rules, which hold back change and growth.” The dean of the LIUC university Federico Visconti and the president Michele Graglia make an heartfelt call during the national event “Primavera delle università” organised by Crui (the conference of the Italian universities deans).

On Monday 21 May, the dean, with the acting dean Raffaella Manzini and the president Graglia, have shown some new proposals for the education providing curriculum inside the university and have taken advantage of the occasion to underline how the extreme regulation at all levels (from the local to European one) “holds back innovation. Just think about the difficulties that we find when we have to get a new academic course approved, which we consider important to meet the needs of the companies; for this reason we would like it to start quickly,” explained Visconti. The same happens when companies want to simply change a machine.

Even though there are all these problems, the LIUC University always adapts its education to the needs. If in the economic department we notice a continuous strengthening in the education provided curriculum, in the law department there will be a specific in-depth analysis in two different fields: law aspects in the innovation (brands and patents defense) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), that is the mediation and resolution both at national and international level, to face the government legal order crisis. Moreover, there will be an even higher urge to the chance of an double degree, which is characterised by the integration of economic and law studies, to obtain the double Bachelor degree in law and economy in only six academic years.

For the engineering department there will be the introduction of three new proposals linked to the macro – theme of “fabbrica 4.0.” Planning and management of the smart factory (ex Lean Manufacturing): a basically new way that bases its work on the presentation of different aspects of the new paradigm linked to the manufacturing and on the use of simulation devices for the planning of production systems, Digital consulting ( ex Business consulting): the course aims to train industrial engineers, who could be able to integrate quickly and effectively inside the organisational and directional consultation companies. The course is made of three modules linked to each other, which focuse on Digital Transformation Design, Digital Consulting Methods and Cases and Business Process Innovation. Green and Safe ( ex Environment and Safety Management): the aim of this module is to analyse the education on the themes about the Environment management and job safety inside the company. Moreover, it has been introduced the possibility to attend a full year of Bachelor Degree in English.

Finally, the model of the research has been examined in depth by Raffaella Manzini, who was recently elected as acting dean of the Research with the goal of empowering the running activities. The Research for the LIUC University means very dynamic activities, that have consequences on the teaching (concrete opportunities for the students) and on the so called “third mission” (direct application of the research on the social and manufacturing network for a total growth of the society, with a particular attention to the positive consequences for companies). Among the fields with higher investments, there are the macro theme of Fabbrica 4.0 and business management, also thanks to prestigious international partnerships.

Another field of the international research is the so-called DiDIY (Digital Do It Yourself). It is a project financed by Horizon2020 (financial tool for the scientific research and for the innovation of the European Commission), in which the LIUC University is leader. The aim of the project, that is 2 million euros worth, is to help clarifying the conditions for which the tools of the so-called “digital do it yourself” (3D printers, Arduino cards), could improve our society, enhancing the people’s creativity and the more and more spread possibilities to do “open innovation.” The materials made up to now are available on , that collects different contributions and points out initiatives in which is shown the project or related to those themes.

Always on the side of the digital manufacturing, the education activity is very rich: in particular, the LIUC’s education provided curriculum on the theme consist of courses for companies and professionals, a creativity lab, innovation and design for the students who attend the management engineering department, courses for students and teachers of high school, introductory seminars and workshops that anyone can attend. Up to now, 250 people have participated to these courses. They are organised by SmartUp – digital manufacturing lab in the MakerBot Innovation Centre, the first centre of its kind in Europe, result of agreement signed with MakerBot Europe (most important companies that produce 3D printers).

Countertrend data on the side of placements. Every year there are about 1,000 placement and internship. According to the last data shared by Eurostat (52.9% Italian people with a degree, 3 years after the degree, have a job, whereas the European average is of 80.5%), LIUC data results definitely in a counter trend, with almost 90% who find a job within 3 years after the degree (source: Almalaurea). Work experience abroad, international relationships, a great placement service are the characteristics that make the student and the LIUC Bachelor degree a pleasing person to insert in the company.

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