Police celebrating, crimes are in decline. “We’re always here”

The ceremony for the 166th anniversary of the State Police was heartfelt. The commissioner said, “We’re giving security answers to this evolving society.”

166 anniversario polizia di stato Varese Ville Ponti

Crimes are in decline, according to the Police Chief, the Prefect Franco Gabrielli, as are those of the current year, perhaps (we hope) by more than the 4.4% reported at the beginning of the speech today, 10 April, on the occasion of the 166th anniversary of the founding of the State Police.


It was a heartfelt event, a fact that was demonstrated by the turnout in the Sala Campiotti, in the Chamber of Commerce, which was crowded for the occasion. So, after the laying of the laurel wreath at the foot of the war memorial in the courtyard of the Central Police Station, and after the messages, which were full of goodwill, by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella and by the Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti, the floor was given to the police commissioner of Varese, Giovanni Pepè.


“We are the 16th province in Italy, but where are we in terms of security?” the Police Commissioner asked. “It is my duty to give an answer. I’ve been in Varese for a year, if I look around, I can see many problems: refugees, thefts and scams, the battle against drugs, but our work has allowed us to maintain public order, in a healthy society, although in an international framework that has to be overcome. This is an evolving society with an advanced service sector instead of factories and an economic projection towards tourism, which is already taking place. In this context, we shouldn’t be surprised by a load of deviant behaviour: it’s important that this remains within the threshold limit and that it doesn’t become the rule but remains the exception.”


At the end of the event, the commendations were given and before that, a short play about gender-based violence was performed by the “Piccola compagnia instabile”, starring the actresses Liliana Maffei and Arianna Talamona.

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