Works of art and recycling during quarantine: the ReMida challenge

A desire to live through works made using waste and forgotten objects, without limits on the techniques, size or ages. These will be the stars of the next exhibition at the Cloister of Voltorre

Foto del giorno Marzo 2017

“Of course we’re staying at home, but we’re giving full rein to our creativity!”

This is how Progetto ReMida began their post to launch their art and recycling proposal which can work on freely during these long days of quarantine.

“Let’s reuse the waste we produce, let’s rummage through the objects we had left somewhere in the drawers in the attic, cellar or garage, and transform them into works that speak about us, who we are and how much we want to live. Without limiting the size or technique, let’s leave a material sign of this special time,” explained Marco Quilici, the spokesperson of the association involved in promoting recycling in the rooms of the Cloister of Voltorre.

Both adults and children can take part in the competition (the elephant with rolls of paper towels made by Nicolò, 5, is one of the very first contributions), posting photos of their works on the Facebook page of Progetto ReMida Varese. The idea is then to preserve the works “because, as soon as we can, we’re going to set up a collective exhibition in the beautiful Cloister of Voltorre,” the promoters explained. “It will be a time to celebrate our community, which will go from being virtual to being physical, with all the due caution that the times require. We’ve said enough, let’s get down to business!”

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