The three most beautiful beaches in Gallipoli

Gallipoli is one of the main destinations in Salento. Its name means beautiful city, and it is undeniable how appropriate this is, with the city centre dominating the rocky, limestone coast.

Gallipoli is one of the main destinations in Salento. Its name means beautiful city, and it is undeniable that this describes perfectly the city centre, which dominates the rocky, limestone coast. Those who spend their holidays in Salento often come here because, in Gallipoli, you can find beautiful holiday homes.


These are the 3 most beautiful three beaches to visit in the area, each different from the others, where, every day, you will find a glorious, enchanting environment.


Lido delle conchiglie


A little to the north of Gallipoli, there is the “lido delle conchiglie”, which is mainly characterised by rocks. However, the part closest to the promenade is sandy. Indeed, this small lido is made up of fine golden sand and rocks. Of course, it is easy to understand where it got its name from; after high tide, a great many shells are deposited on the beach.


This lido has both stretches of empty beach interspersed with bathing facilities, where you can find everything you need. The visitors are mainly locals, and it is easy to find families with small children enjoying this mix of wild nature and the comfort of the beach facilities. Another attraction of this beach is the opportunity for diving and snorkelling, to admire the colourful coral formations and the rich underwater fauna.


Padula Bianca


A short distance from the Lido delle Conchiglie, there is the Padula Bianca beach. Unlike the Lido, it is characterised by a wide expanse of the whitest sand, which highlights even more the blue shades of the sea. It is considered one of the must-see destinations near Gallipoli, because it is the place that everyone thinks of when they talk about the wonders of Salento. You feel as if you have arrived in the Caribbean, with a shallow seabed, which you can still stand up on many metres away from the shore.


Behind the beach, there is a beautiful pine forest, which provides relief during the hottest times of the day. There are various services, such as restaurants, refreshment points, bathing facilities and kiosks, where you can rent everything you need for a relaxing day at the beach.


Spiaggia di Rivabella


Another type of beach near Gallipoli is the Rivabella, which is characterised by its soft dunes of fine golden sand. The coast overlooks a crystal clear sea, which is perfect for a refreshing dip. Here, too, bathing facilities alternate with stretches of empty beach. There are also kiosks, where you can rent the necessary equipment for diving and other water sports.


Another characteristic of this beach is the clubs for young people, where the nightlife is guaranteed. Indeed, as evening falls, the beach facilities turn into places for an aperitif or a refreshing, colourful drink, just a few steps from the water. Sunset is certainly the most beautiful time, when the sun goes down behind a blue expanse, colouring the sky with a thousand different shades.


Translated by Adriana Bocse

Reviewed by Prof. Rolf Cook

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Pubblicato il 14 Novembre 2020
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