Hotels in crisis, but Varese bets on the tourism

After the president of Federalberghi's (Guido Brovelli) comments about the closing down of Varese hotels, the discussion on the topic is still in progress: thanks to the Agency of the Tourism CEO, Paola della Chiesa, and the Assoturismo president Iljic Cesca

The closing down of Varese hotels in the city centre, and the comments of the president of Federalberghi, Guido Brovelli, have started the discussion about the hotel crisis and the necessity of the territory to “change skin” in order to become an actual and complete touristic area.

During the interview, Brovelli said: “Hotels are not yet converted for a different space: for example, the idea of the bike hotel, which is really promising and opens a space to all the possibilities to change Varese hotels in green hotels. But they need time, the hotels actually have to change skin. The offer has to be replaced, also in the sense of economic requests. Then it will be necessary to change the services.”

We talked about it, in particular, with the CEO of the Agency of the Tourism, Paola Della Chiesa, and with the president of Assoturismo-Confesercenti Iljic Cesca. That have agreed about the “crisis geography” in the province of Varese, so defined by Brovelli:

The situation of Varese chief town, naturally, is not at Malpensa level: “Over there it’s a real ‘war bulletin’: dozens of hotels have been built, and now are quite impossible not only to fill but also to occupy.” “The lake Maggiore area hangs on: even here, in order to attract the tourism, offers are essential, and we should work on it, but impartially that are has a better territory and attraction, and the tourist can anyway enjoy the positive sides of his stay.” Moreover: “The hotel offer in that area is undersized: there would still be space for other structures, the lake could welcome more of them. Instead the new constructions are in Malpensa…”

Then they went on, with different and further topics. Here their contributions:

Iljic Cesca: “In order to change skin, the tourism needs strategic choices”

Paola Della Chiesa: “Closed Hotels? Enterpreneurial choices, due to the crisis but even to something else”

Pubblicato il 14 dicembre 2012
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