“Thinking about Comerio without Whirlpool is something unnatural,” said Mayor Aimetti.

The Mayor expresses regret at the choice of the multinational corporation and thinks about the future of the area: “It will remain a workplace and a place of innovation and sport.”


There is regret, but also hope for the future. The state of mind of the Comerio Mayor, Silvio Aimetti could not be otherwise when receiving from Whirlpool the news with which the multinational corporation confirmed the decision that has been for a long time in the making, that is the farewell of Whirlpool to the historic place of operation in Comerio.

Aimetti tried to force the decisions of the company with a heartfelt letter, in which he encouraged Whirlpool to rethink about the perspective and to give value to Comerio.

Today what is left is to think about the future of the area which, starting from 2017, will no longer have employees of Whirlpool in its workforce.

“In relation to the decisions communicated by Whirlpool EMEA s.rl. corporation on this date, concerning the decisions to leave the historic place of operation in Comerio by next year, the City Council, in taking note of them, expresses its regret at this choice which has been clearly taken without fully evaluating the willingness of the municipality to resolve the highlighted administrative and logistical problems. Thinking about Comerio without Whirlpool is something unnatural for those who were born when this reality was the engine of a whole territory and for those who contributed, since the Second World War, to create the company with their work and their intelligence. Moreover the City Council is deeply worried about the way in which the latter company decisions will affect the employees, and about the consequences on the satellite activities located in the territory, and about the inevitable social and economical problems caused by the decision taken, not only in Comerio, but also in the entire area.

The last time Comerio faced a similar situation was at the end of the 60’s, when the Crippa and Berger families decided to move the place of operation of the coffee HAG to Pomezia. In that case the great generosity of the owners allowed the community of Comerio to receive as a gift the entire industrial complex which later become the operation place of a lot of community services such as the municipality, the primary school, the medical clinic, the library and much more. We hope that a similar path, but modernized in order to satisfy the changed occupational situations of the territory, will be realized with Whirlpool, and this also with reference to  the commitment made by the company through its President at that time and today reconfirmed. In the next few days a specific working team composed by the employees of Whirlpool and by the municipality employees will be created in order to promptly start to consider the future possibilities to utilize the area.

We believe that, along with Whirlpool and with all the institutions, we will succeed in creating an innovative project to relaunch this area which, in our opinion, cannot be dissociated from being a workplace and a place of innovation and sport, and this also in memory of Knight Commander Giovanni Borghi and of the many people in our territory who, together with him, constituted and still today constitute the Company. We are determined to make this happen.”

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