Construction work on the cycle path in the valley to continue

Work to complete the section from Cavona will soon begin, and the Cittiglio-Gemonio section will be finished before the year ends. “The route on the valley floor has been agreed with the mayors of the villages.”

La ciclabile della Valganna (inserita in galleria)

The dream of seeing the Valcuvia at the centre of a route that links Lake Varese to Lake Maggiore is coming true.

Work to extend the section (which is already accessible) between Luino and Cavona (Cuveglio) to the village of Cuvio, in the area of “Bofalora”, where there is the Tigros supermarket, will begin very soon.

On the other side of the valley, in Cittiglio, work will begin, by the end of the year, to extend the cycle path from the current section, which goes as far as Gemonio, near the hill that overlooks the former composting plant.

The chairman of the Mountain Community, Giorgio Piccolo, spoke about this a few days before the beginning of a season that, on any mid-week morning, already sees dozens of people, wearing helmets, sunglasses and shorts, alone or in groups, spending a few hours of relaxation, surrounded by the countryside.

This tourism on two wheels could provide an important opportunity for development in these valleys.

“The first phase of the work, to extend the existing section, which currently ends in Cavona, will start shortly, in a matter of weeks,” Piccolo explained, “and it includes work on two areas, costing €420,000. An additional €40,000 has been allocated to build a bridge, but in the area of Premaggi, in Germignaga, using funds provided for the development of the Prealpine Valleys.”

Other expenses have been planned, which should begin by the end of the year, to extend the cycle path, but on the other side of the valley, in Cittiglio. “Here, two sums have been allocated, the first of €340,000, and the other of €235,000, to build a new section of path. The section will start near the station in Cittiglio, and will head towards Gemonio, passing on the right of the former composting plant. Later on, the cycle path will descend the hill to the valley, on the border between the villages of Azzio and Brenta.”

Then, finally, the extension to Cuvio. “Yes, and this will be done, fully respecting the natural passes between the mountains of Campo dei Fiori and those of Valcuvia,” Piccolo explained. “The section to be built will be established together with the mayors of the villages that the path goes through, using their urban-planning instruments.”

Still in relation to the cycle paths, the Chairman of the Mountain Community mentioned that he had “allocated €20,000 to asphalt the section of path that goes from Cocquio Trevisago to Gavirate,” in the “small valley” of Boesio, which today is already travelled by numerous people.

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