A look at Chernobyl, discovering solidarity

With the council of Samarate, the non-profit organisation “Noi con voi Onlus”, and “Samarate Loves Books”, the “Caffè Teatro Nazionale” is hosting a presentation of a photographic project by Gabriele Vanetti, an in-depth look that “launches” the hospitality to children from Chernobyl.

Generico 2018

After the most recent, wonderful experience of bringing together families and “children from Chernobyl”, during the summer, Samarate is once more getting involved in the area still contaminated by the nuclear accident that took place in 1986, the worst in human history. They are doing so by hosting a presentation (at the “Caffè Teatro Nazionale”) of the work of Gabriele Vanetti, who has made an exhaustive photographic exploration of Chernobyl.

At the presentation, there were the Councillor Nicoletta Alampi, the Vice-Chairman of the “Caffè Teatro Nazionale”, Carlo Puricelli, and the Chairman of the non-profit association “Noi con Voi Onlus”, Rolando Squizzato.

“We wanted to continue this wonderful experience with the association ‘Noi con Voi Onlus’ and set off once again, but with a more in-depth look at the problem of Chernobyl, because we realised that people need to know about the current state of the areas where these families live, and about why they need us,” explained Nicoletta Alampi, the Councillor for Social Services in the town of Samarate. “As a councillor, I have a great deal of faith in these initiatives, and they’ll have my full support, as they did this year, and I thank all of the families who have made this experience possible. I thank Carlo Puricelli, who, thanks to his concern, made possible the collaboration with Gabriele Vanetti, in particular, who will make his experience and the material collected in recent years during his trips to Chernobyl available for this good cause, and the girls of Samarate Loves Books, who are moderating the evening. I would like to thank everyone very much for their willingness; I like the idea of not turning off the spotlight on events that affect us in various ways, and of always trying over the years to keep the memory alive, and an eye on the situations that remain.

“During the evening, we’ll take a trip with Vanetti and his images to Chernobyl today,” Consuelo Sozzi for Samarate Loves Books added. “On the journey, in addition to the photos, we’ll hear the voices of witnesses who survived those terrible days, with members of Samarate Loves Books reading some passages from the book “Prayer for Chernobyl”, by the Nobel Prize winner for literature, Svetlana Aleksievic.”

The event is on Tuesday, November 27 at the Caffè Teatro Nazionale 2.0, which has included this in its 2018-2019 calendar of events.

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