The ten most viewed films in Filmstudio 90’s history

Here are the ten most successful films in the thirty years of Varese’s historic association: from "Fried Green Tomatoes" to "Parasite".

Its thirty-year history of memories, anecdotes and lot of curiosities. Filmstudio 90 can also boast a historic memory that, more or less empirically, brings us back to some great films.

Indeed, the list below, has the ten most viewed films in the long history of Filmstudio 90, the Cinema Teatro Nuovo and Esterno Notte. The list was compiled by the association’s members, and is accompanied by comments by Giulio Rossini, the President and founder of the association.

Which of you can say you have seen all of them? These and other quality films will continue to be scheduled in the Filmstudio90 cinemas as soon as possible, but in the meantime, this historic association needs the help of all its patrons and everyone who believes that we cannot do without culture.


Il piccolo diavolo (The little devil): before Life is beautiful, a great success in the summer, Benigni made a splash with this film, with lines that became hits (who doesn’t remember the fashion show in the church, with the “Giuditta model”?)

Buena Vista Social Club: the most viewed documentary, with more than one thousand people at the Giardini Estensi, in 1999; people even climbed the trees … to watch Compay Segundo and listen to Cuban music, as told by Wim Wenders.

Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: this American comedy was incredibly successful; this genuine surprise was screened during Esterno Notte, to a huge audience (the queue for tickets stretched into the car park…).

Why has Bodhi-Dharma left for the East?: we had seen this Korean film at the Locarno Film Festival (where it won the Golden Leopard, in 1989) and we scheduled it at the Giardini Estensi, for its Italian premiere; both the film and the atmosphere were difficult to repeat.

The Salt of the Earth: also by Wenders, who, in this film (which was distributed by a small independent company) tells the life of the great photographer Salgado; it was screened in the cinema in Via De Cristoforis for a month and a half, which was a record for the Varese film club.

The King’s Speech: this engaging English film convinced everybody, and was on the billboard of the Cinema Nuovo for a month; in the film, a tenacious speech therapist (played by Geoffrey Rush) helps King George (Colin Firth) to overcome his stammer.

Lemon Tree: in an original way, this little-known film (which, nevertheless, was a success at Filmstudio 90) tells a little story of justice, with the background of the difficult Israeli-Palestinian coexistence.

Parasite: one of the most viewed films of last season, which also brought the general public to arthouse cinemas, to discover the strength of Korean filmmaking, through this defence of the struggle between social classes.

Call Me by Your Name: this sensual and original film by Luca Guadagnino was very successful, especially among young people.

12 Years a Slave: a film about civil rights, which despite strong and violent scenes, came to the wider audience, telling, in a harsh and ruthless way, a page from the struggle to abolish slavery.


Translated by Elisabetta Ciocca and Sarah Guarneri

Reviewed by Porf. Rolf Cook

Pubblicato il 13 Febbraio 2021
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