In 2016, 106 tax evaders had been caught

Here is the annual budget of the Guardia di Finanza: seizures and servicing operations on the territory are increasing.

guardia di finanza busto arsizio

The seizures of Guardia di Finanza are increasing, in its annual report of the province, it declared the overall discovery of 106 tax evaders. According to the Guardia di Finanza, the 2016 operations helped to discover frauds for a total of 2 billion and 300 million of tax and 860 million of VAT. In total, these actions have increased by 26% the unpaid money, it is a great result done by a great deployment of people and equipment.

Here are some numbers to better understand. The Guardia di Finanza reported 185 people, for 305 frauds, for 123 VAT frauds, for international frauds, and reported 33 employers who used 46 undocumented workers and 788 irregular workers. The proposal of seizure for administrative precautionary measures were about 32 million euros, and the seizures for frauds about 45 million euros. There were done other seizures for about 6 million euros, and 5,807 economic inspection activities.

Among the operations there were reported 43 individuals, because they earned about 1.6 million public funding. The frauds to Healthcare System cost 800 thousand euros and they were done by 29 individuals. The damages caused by waste are for about 57 million euros. There were 35 interventions for frauds against public administration with 77 individuals reported. There were 33 interventions in public procurement with irregular allocations for about 1.2 million euros and 14 reports.

The Anti-Mafia seizures are worth 22 million euros and they included 360 movable and immovable property. There were 93 actions against money laundering for 267 million and 329 suspicious anti-money laundering operations. 113 people were reported for corporate and economic crimes and 18 million euros were confiscated as part of the arrests regarding anti-money laundering. Seizures for loan sharking are worth 1.7 million euros.

The chapter on Malpensa is a special case: 3,670 reports for violation on currency circulation, 22 million euros intercepted, 1.3 tons of drugs blocked, 166 denounced, 99 arrests.

242 operations against customs fraud, 1.6 tons of tobacco trafficking seized.

1.1 million counterfeit products in monetary value and for a total of 7.5 million euros. In addition, 4,098 counterfeit banknotes were discovered and 53,980 euros were confiscated. It should also be noted that the Guardia di Finanza has made a lot of prevention in the area, with 1,465 units used overall and the use of shifts for a total of 3,297 soldiers to defend citizens.

This report was presented by the provincial commander, Colonel Francesco Vitale.

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