Univa does not see indications of recovery

The economic analysis data of the industrialists reveal that there are not significant and continuous signs to say that the economy will return to grow. Brugnoli said; “The manufacturing companies have changed, the country no.”

 “Our data doesn’t confirm the indication of recovery; there aren’t the solidity and the continuity of this signs.” Paola Margnini, of the Univa Research Department, refers to the data of the survey indicators which was conducted in the engineering, textile clothing, chemical and pharmaceutical and rubber-plastics sectors; in other words the most important districts in this territory. The negative judgement that comes from the hysteria of the graphs and from the analysis numbers, did not prevent the industrialists of Varese from facing, in an open way, the most important matter of the moment; the change, which is already in operation in many companies and in the world. The survey actually crosses the macro idea, which analyses globalized phenomena like the Twin Towers, the entry of China in the WTO, the Great Depression of 2008, with the micro one, which is influenced from those phenomena, forcing the companies to a metamorphosis in the way of producing and of organising.

Then there is an all local delay that the analysis of the industrialists stresses in an unmerciful way to explain the reasons of the major sufferance of our companies compared with the companies of the other European countries; in ten years Italy changed 6 governments with an electoral cycle so short that it prevented from using in the field industrial policies worthy of this name, the fiscal pressure is the highest of Europe, the cost of the energy has gone up as well as the labour cost. “The change in these 10 years of the companies never stopped,” commented Giovanni Brugnoli, the Univa president; “The same can’t be said about the country system, which stood out because of the opposition to progress in front of the metamorphosis of the market and of the companies.”

The feeling of the Varese companies– Only the 19% of the interviewees declared improvement in the trend of the production, while the 49% recorded a decrease. As for the expectation of 2014 the 70% forecast steady level of production without increases. Also the orders are stable for the 56% of the interviewees, decreasing for the 28%, increasing for the 16%. Though the balance of trade is still having the plus sign (+11.2), the export, which has always been the strong point of the economy of Varese, recorded in 2013 a decrease (-0.1%). Of the five sectors considered, only the one of the rubber-plastics realises a +1.2%. It is decreasing the export towards Switzerland (-13.3%) and the one towards the EU area (-3.5%). Also the import recorded a minus sign (-7.4). As for the investments, only the 58% have programmed for 2014 to invest as the previous year.

Labour market– In 2013 the authorised hours of redundancy decreased to 32 million, with a total reduction of 5.5% than in 2012. The ordinary redundancy decreases (14.1%), and also the special redundancy decreases (-40.7%), while the extraordinary redundancy increases of the 17% (+17%).

The manufacturing changed– Between 2001 and 2011 the manufacturing system lost 3.018 local companies in total 28.360 workers. Although this haemorrhage (above all in the textile, paper and press and reparation, maintenance and installation sectors), the 9.106 existing production units are still the leading part of the local economy able to hire on 95.527 people, the 35% of the total workers of the area who are 274,020.

But not all manufacturing is in the manufacturing sector,” stressed Margnini, meaning that there is a number of workers that is not present in that sector because of the change of productive organization of the companies, which are less and less verticalized. “There isn’t another system,” concluded Brugnoli, “Our manufacturing is still far and away the leading one.”

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Pubblicato il 12 febbraio 2014
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