A new project for Piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Farewell to the multi-storey car park, which is to be replaced with €2.3 million worth of work in the area. And the “Coventino” and the former prison will become a new cultural centre. The project is now with the city council.

piazza vittorio emanuele

Farewell to the multi-storey car park; work on the entire area has been given the go-ahead. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is to be redeveloped, work is to be done on the surrounding streets, and the “Coventino” and former prison are to be renovated. These are the contents of the new agreement between the town council and Soceba, the company that is working in the town centre.

PIAZZA VITTORIO EMANUELE. The piazza is going to be completely renovated, with a project costing €150,000. The area, which is currently closed, because of the construction site, is going to be pedestrianised and lined with trees, and fountains and benches are going to be added, to create an almost unbroken link between the town centre, Palazzo Cicogna and the library. On the eastern side of the square, towards the “Crespi” High School, ten parking spaces will be left, and many neighbouring streets will be resurfaced, or have cobblestones put down. The car park in Via Zappellini, in particular, is going to be completely resurfaced with interlocking paving.

THE PRISON AND THE “COVENTINO”. The thirteen cells in the former prison, which date back to 1851, and which, today, are in a state of complete abandon, will be incorporated into the cultural centre, creating new study rooms, reading rooms, and a literary café. The building is also going to be linked directly to Palazzo Cicogna via an arcade, which will cost a total of a little more than €880,000. The situation concerning the “Coventino” is more delicate, as it is in ruins. Here, almost €1 million is to be spent on reinforcing the building, but without renovating it fully, a job that would cost about €4 million.

THE NEW AGREEMENT. The project replaces the old agreement, scrapping the plan to build a 3-storey car park with a total of 148 spaces. This plan, costing €4.1 million, would initially have used up €1.8 million allocated for urbanisation, and then have been paid for through management of the car park over the next 25 years. Now, instead, the new agreement entails work costing a total of €2.3 million, and settles the lawsuit between Soceba and Busto Arsizio town council. However, going from paper to concrete will not be straightforward, starting with the go-ahead, which should arrive on Thursday 26 November from the town council.

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