The BAFF is already thinking about 2017: “Let’s not lose the work done”

The organisers are already thinking about next year, when the town will have a new Mayor. And they are looking at the Borri Shoe Factory, as a “film centre”.

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Everything is ready for this year’s Busto Arsizio Film Festival, but the organisers are already thinking about next year, the first in which Gigi Farioli will not be Mayor. And so, the presentation of the festival in Busto (after the official presentation in Milan) will be an opportunity to make an appeal, for “the work we have done over these 14 years not to be lost”.

The person making the appeal was Alessandro Munari, the President of the BA Film Factory, who pointed out that the festival “is the result of enthusiasm that isn’t easy to keep going,” and hoped, therefore, that there would not be “a nasty spending review”. So far, the film festival has been able to count on the certain support of Mayor Gigi Farioli, but when the new Mayor comes to Palazzo Gilardoni, the cards might be reshuffled.

“The BAFF is like a karst river that periodically reunites the city’s commitment with cinema,” Farioli explained. “For this reason, if the end credits went down after 14 years, it would be a bad choice.” So, although the outgoing Mayor says “he is ready to collaborate in the future,” he also guarantees he will go, “leaving the ground prepared for the town’s cultural future.” This is borne out by two important resolutions passed by the council: the first, to renovate Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, and the plan for the Borri shoe factory. “Renovating the former prison will in fact enable us to enlarge the cultural centre of the library and the public art collections,” whereas the plan for the public part of the Borri shoe factory “will be used for cultural purposes” (a supermarket is going to open in the private part, ed.).

And it is the match over the future of the Borri shoe factory that the BAFF would like to play. “We want to start presenting the idea of a film centre inside the shoe factory,” said Munari, who is ready to “contact the next administration”, in such a way as to make “cinema an increasingly important part of the town”.

So, the idea is for a second centre of excellence, alongside the Antonioni Institute, which has its headquarters in Via Magenta, in Villa Calcaterra. The ideas, proposals and concerns are going to be set aside, at least for next week, to leave room for cinema.

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