The picture produced by ISTAT shows an increase in the number of people in work, and a decrease in the unemployed.

The increase in the number of people in work is confirmed over the year (+1.5 %, +345,000), and relates to men and women. The growth was concentrated especially among people in employed work (+497,000, of whom 450,000 have fixed-term contracts, and 48,000, permanent contracts).

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In November 2017, the estimate of the number of people in work started to increase again (+0.3% compared to October, equal to +65,000). The employment rate rose to 58.4% (+0.2%) according to the latest data published by ISTAT (the Italian National Statistics Institute).

In the last month, the growth in the number of people in work related to both sexes and all ages, except the 35-49 range. The number of people in employed work, with both permanent and, to a greater extent, fixed-term contracts, increased; meanwhile the number of self-employed people fell slightly.

In the period from September to November, there was growth in the number of people in employed work, compared to the previous quarter (+0.4%, +83,000), which involved men and women; most growth was seen in the over-50s, but also, albeit to a lesser extent, among 15-24-year-olds, but there was a drop among 25-49-year-olds. The increase was the result exclusively of people in employed work, with fixed-term contracts, meanwhile those with permanent contracts decreased, and the self-employed remained stable.

The data from 2004 to 2017

The estimate of people looking for work during November fell for the fourth consecutive month (-0.6%, -18,000). The reduction in unemployment affected men and women and was concentrated in the younger age ranges; meanwhile, there was an increase among the over 35. The unemployment rate was 11.0% (-0.1% compared to October), and the rate for young people fell to 32.7% (-1.3%).

After last month’s the reduction, in November, the estimate of people, between the ages of 15 and 64, not in employment and who are not looking for work, still decreased (-0.5%, equal to -61,000). The reduction affected both men and women, and was concentrated among the over 50 and the 15-24-year-olds, but there was an increase in the middle age range (between 25 and 49 years). The rate of those not in work and not looking for work fell to 34.3% (0.1%).

In the quarter, September-November, compared to the previous three months, the growth of people in work was accompanied by a fall in the unemployed (-1.4%, – 40,000) and in the unemployed not seeking work (-0.3%, – 43,000).

On a yearly basis, the increase in the number of people working was confirmed (+1.5 %, +345,000), involving men and women. The growth is concentrated among employed workers (+497,000, of whom 450,000 had fixed-term contracts, and 48,000, permanent contracts), and the number of self-employed workers decreased (-152,000). In absolute terms, the number of employees over the age of 50, especially, increased (+396,000), but so did the 15-34-year-olds (+110,000), but 35-49-year-olds fell (-161,000). In the same period, both the number of the unemployed (-7.8%, -243,000) and of the idle (-1.3%, -173,000) fell.

However, the net of effect of the demographic component, the incidence of people in work in the population, in all age ranges, has grown every year.

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