The walls of the building, which is used as a lodge and as the headquarters of the CSI team, were decorated with spay paint over the weekend.

Brinzio  oggi

Yet another house in the heart of Campo dei Fiori has been vandalised.

After what happened on New Year’s Eve to the cabin in Pian delle Noci in Orino, this time, it was the turn of the building in Via Dante, not far from the famous cross-country-ski trails.

Last weekend, the walls of the building were covered in colourful graffiti, depicting a face, and black spray canisters were used for the writing (Picture).

This genuine act of vandalism is causing concern among the members of CSI Brinzio, the sports association which has his headquarters in that very building, which is owned by the Campo dei Fiori Park; the building contains showers and changing rooms on the ground floor, and 4 beds and a kitchen on the first floor, and it is even used as a lodge.

The President of CSI Brinzio (the 7-a-side football team), Battista Folador, is furious as this is not an isolated incident. “In the past, we suffered what we might call “pranks”. Rubbish bins tipped over, filth left lying around and even cars coming onto the field causing damage with the handbrake.”

According to Folador, the vandals acted during the weekend. The Mayor has been informed of the what happened, “and tomorrow, I’m going to speak with the caretakers of the park.”

The house stands at the edge of a wooded area; it has barbecues and a picnic area, as well as a route for free time, called the “Wild Land”, were families and sportspeople gather to spend their days in the open-air, during the late spring and summer seasons.

The news of what happened immediately got around the village, and the sporting circles linked to CSI Brinzio.

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