In Solbiate Arno the inauguration of the “Area Sport”: a party for all

The new “Area Sport” in via Aldo Moro was inaugurated on Sunday, May 5. It is a modern facility, equipped for different sports and open to everyone

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The new “Area Sport” in Via Aldo Moro was inaugurated on Sunday morning, May 5, in Solbiate Arno: It is a modern facility, equipped with a tennis court, covered with a membrane air dome in winter and uncovered in the summer, a beach volleyball and beach tennis court, a basketball court, changing rooms, space for the caretaker, toilets for the users of the park and also an area for dogs.

On this occasion, a plaque was also dedicated to Eleonora Di Vilio, a young woman of Solbiate, godmother of the event, by the municipal administration to celebrate the excellent results achieved at the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi of March.

“What we are inaugurating today is a complex that is dedicated to those who enjoy sport, and also a meeting place,” explained Oreste Battiston, mayor of Solbiate Arno, at the opening ceremony. The “Area Sport” in fact connects with the nature way of the town, also completed this year “and then I like to think of this place as a meeting place available to people of Solbiate and everyone else, that in their free time walk, meet here, perhaps bringing their four-legged friends, to whom we have dedicated a space that was missing in the town. We are really proud to have given to Solbiate this new structure, indeed, this complex of modern, cutting-edge structures, in accordance with all the highest safety principles.”

The “Area Sport” inaugurated today, is therefore the last piece of a route that, together with the nature way and the complete renovation of the municipal gym, have equipped Solbiate with state-of-the-art facilities: “The ‘Area Sport’ is a project that the whole town was waiting for and that today, finally, we deliver to all the people of Solbiate, who now have at their disposal, not only this new and beautiful facility, equipped with every comfort and functional for different types of sports, but together with the renovated gym, opened a few months ago and the nature way, a set of facilities that make our town a real feather in the cap for sports and leisure.”

And now Solbiate Arno is ready for a new large construction site: in fact, work will soon begin on the construction of the festival area where there was the old tennis court, in Via Montebello.

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