Here are the times for the third runway; work begins in 2012

The contract for the SEA-ENAC Programme states that planning should start this year, and the building work, in September 2012. The new runway will enable the airport to handle up to 32 million passengers.

Planning will take a little more than a year, and building will start in 2012; Malpensa Airport’s third runway will be operational by spring 2015, just in time for the Expo. The times have been written in black on white in the Planning Contract that the airport authority, SEA, signed with the civil aviation authority, ENAC, in November, and which sets out the schedule for many works, from the more visible, to extraordinary maintenance. For example, there are the new spaces for the operators, completion of the “third third” of Terminal 1, and the new railway line from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, where all of the low cost traffic departs from and arrives at. All of this infrastructure will support an expected growth in passengers, of up to 26 million, and in goods, from 407,000 to 482,000 tonnes, by 2015. And in 2020, the number of passengers is expected to reach 32 million.

Of course, the most important and visible work is the third runway; the Contract indicates that planning will start in the summer of this year, so that the executive plan will be ready by spring 2012. Then tenders will be taken, and the work should begin in September 2012; according to the work schedule, the runway will be ready for testing by spring 2015. Of course, the local authorities, who have already complained about the haste, will also have to adapt to the schedule; the council of Lonate Pozzolo, who will have to give up a considerable part of their territory to the runway, have complained, “You leave us only ten days to make observations on a huge amount of data.The observations must be delivered by 5 February; on the 8th, there is a press conference in which ENAC and SEA are officially going to present the project.

Connected with the plans for the third runway, there are also new works of urbanisation and the covering of the existing railway line; in order to link the runway to the airport, part of the railway, which is on a bend, leading into the station, and which is currently open to the elements, will have to be covered. One necessary condition is the purchase of the Air Force areas, which are indicated at point 3.2 in the document that lists the interventions: they are the heath and woods of Gaggio (see photo), into which the airport will extend. Of the other works, the completion of the “third third” of Terminal 1 will begin shortly, and will be followed by the building of the Terminal’s northern satellite. For the extension of the railway to Terminal 2, work is expected to begin in the middle of 2014, with completion only after 2015. In addition to this, there are a large number of minor works, from the relaying of the runway lighting to the water system, to extension of the areas provided for the operators. No plans have been indicated for a new Cargo City to the east of the third runway. However, the Lonate heath will be taken over by the airport.

Pubblicato il 29 gennaio 2011
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