When will the train to Terminal 2 arrive?

When will the new railway between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Malpensa become operational? In the last days, Ferrovie Nord Milano, with an essential statement, informed the postponement of the activation for burocratic reasons, but it is inevitable to have questions.

nuova ferrovia Terminal 2 Malpensa

From FNM we know that any news on the time will occur during this week, in the sense that we can learn a new date of activation, after the “missed” date of 11th December (which corresponded to the entry into force of the new railway timetable in Italy).

FNM, last Friday, explained with an official statement that the postponement was due to bureaucratic reasons. Specifically, the Lombard rail network operator (which the line to Malpensa depends on, from its birth in 1999) explains today that “they have been asked by the National Authority on Railway Safety a documentation integration, on a specific aspect related to a gallery.” A request “that delayed the authorisation for the placing in service (AMIS)”, which requires documentary integration but “does not see new work.” FNM thus confirm that there is no further action and that trains will arrive soon to Terminal 2.

Note that in recent months the framework on railways has changed significantly: until a few months ago the ‘formerly granted’ railways (privately owned or owned by local authorities and regions) were subject to the rules and supervision of the USTIF of the Ministry of Transport. Following the train crash in Andria – involving a privately owned railway – at the end of September the “formerly granted” railways were brought under the supervision of the ANSF, which has stricter rules.

Pubblicato il 14 dicembre 2016
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