A special “passport” for “hop-seekers”

The initiative of the Angelo Poretti Brewery for the 140 years of activity: 60 the places involved in Varese. Here are the prizes to be won

passaporto bap birrificio angelo Poretti 2018 #140annidiluppoli

One hundred and forty years of history is an important goal, to share with all friends and celebrate in a special way. The Angelo Poretti brewery, whose “first crush” carried out by the founder dates back to the day of Saint Stephen of 1877, is ready to launch an initiative in Varese.


In fact, the Angelo Poretti brewery has selected a list of sixty bars and restaurants that are based in the Garden city in which will be distributed to customers a special “passport“. Fans can collect one and then get the stamps by consuming a beer in each of the locals involved (list and map at the bottom of the article). The regulation stipulates that the stamps, for the collection of their prize, must be different from one other and each place will stamp the “Angel’s Brewery passport” only once regardless of the number of beers purchased. (HERE the complete regulation)


Those that complete the collection of the 60 stamps by the next 25 May will receive as a prize a sweatshirt created for the occasion. But there are also prizes for those who do not complete the whole passport: those who have tasted a Poretti in at least 20 pubs, will receive a T-shirt, those that touch at least 40, are entitled to an exclusive bag. The prizes – all branded with the name of the initiative, #140annidiluppoli (140 years of hops) – will be available at the “Brewery shop” in Via Olona, 103 in Induno Olona.


HERE THE official website of #140annidiluppoli


VareseNews will accompany the Angelo Poretti Brewery in this five month long game: in the past few days we have already asked you which are the pubs where you are used to sip your favourite hops (thanks for your guidelines!). From here on we will take you to some of them to tell you the stories born around a glass “tagged Varese”.


And then we ask you for a further help: the relationship between “varesini” / “varesotti” (people who live in or near Varese) and the Angelo Poretti Brewery has always been very close. Send us some photos showing your relation with the Valganna beer: toast, vintage bottles, billboards, mugs, T-shirts and all that is #140annililuppoli! We will publish them in a special space!


PS: to send the material you can write to the e-mail marketing@varesenews.it, to the Facebook page of our newspaper or via WhatsApp to the number 335/7876883 (in this case, also tell us your name). We are waiting for you!



Frozen, Village, La Terrazza, Regondel, Tunne, Ripoli La Griglieria, Gallery Bar, Good Mood Cooking, Cortiletto, Bar Alquati, Caffe Biffi, Tricot Cafe, Ristorante Orchidea, Locaubriaca, Premiata Pizza Della Motta, Bar Rossini, Il Birbante, Te Capi, Officina Del Tram, Cugis Bar, Trediciotto, Il Melograno, Hotel Ristorante Bologna, Free Time, La Vecchia Varese, Vineria Del Croce Otto, Cafè Cattaneo, Ultimo, Balthazar, Bar Alfredo, Pizzeria La Paranza, Cuba 1954, Antico Borgo, La Taverna Del Gusto, La Premiata Gnoccheria, Il Veliero, Konrad Cafe, Round Cafe, Chiosco La Darsena, Civico Cento Bis, Bar Luisa, Bar Cairoli, La Vecchia Cantina, Rosso Espresso, Bar Social, Bar Ella, Spitz, Rosso Espresso Industry, Bar Della Piazzetta, Bowling Varese, Scacco Matto, Il Delfino Blu, La Nuova Uvarara, Il Cafferino, Pasticceria Albiati, Romagnam, Il Cavedio, La Piazza Cafe, Dome Cafe, Linea 88, Geg, Pasticceria Pirola.

Below the map with all the pubs involved.

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