From Busto to Molise, for the development of museums

The law firm A&A has signed an agreement with the Regional Secretariat of MiBACT for Molise, to provide legal support and training for Ministry personnel

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A few days ago, the Regional Secretariat of MiBACT (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) and the law firm A&A signed an agreement for Molise. “This collaboration is beginning at the same time as the MuSST project (for museums and the development of regional systems), to provide legal support and training for the Ministry personnel involved in realising the project,” Leandro Ventura, MiBACT’s regional secretary, explained.

MuSST is an initiative sought by MiBACT’s general administrative office to promote the development of a national system of museums and to facilitate dialogue between the various public and private museums, by encouraging the realisation of innovative projects in the fields of tourism and culture. This will be achieved by involving MiBACT’s regional institutes, organisations in the cultural, educational and tertiary sectors, and private individuals. The goal of MuSST is mainly to support regional museum centres in the promotion of territorial networks, in encouraging participation and in creating integrated cultural tours.

“The agreement, which includes the important participation of Federculture, will focus mainly on exploiting the territory and on the integrated management of the cultural heritage of the Venafro site (in Isernia Province, Molise)” lawyer Prevosti said.

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