An “Emotion” wine that is made in the open between Casciago and Masnago

Roberto Bianchi, almost 40 years old, gardener for work and winemaker for passion. Between via Giordani in Varese and via Valletta in Casciago has created his “realm”: there he makes his wines, one sparkling wine with the classic method and a rosé obtained by Syrah grapes.

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Un vino da "Emotion" che nasce in mezzo al verde tra Casciago e Masnago 4 di 14

Put together a young entrepreneur with a passion for wine, a piece of land to be developed, an agronomist friend able to give good advice and the mix to obtain a quality product, zero kilometre is made.


An “Emotion” wine born in the middle of the green between Casciago and Masnago.

We are in Casciago and the entrepreneur is Roberto Bianchi, 40 years old, a gardener by trade and winemaker by passion. Between Via Giordani in Varese and Via Valletta in Casciago he has created his “kingdom”.

An enchanted place surrounded by meadows and greenery in Casciago, 8 thousand metres of vineyard for a total of 4,800 thousand plants, plus another 2 thousand metres or so a little further on, already in the Municipality of Varese, where there is one of the few production areas in the Garden City. A passion that is turning into a business, with a thousand bottles of rosé and 2 thousand bottles of sparkling wine produced in 2020 and the ambition to create a quality wine for refined palates.

“My passion for wine started when I was young, including an approach to sommelier courses. I started working when I was 20, I opened my VAT number and created my own gardening company, Emotion Green,” explains the 39-year-old, a native of Casciago. “Five years ago I managed to buy this land in Casciago and plant the first vines, then I gradually expanded. We have chardonnay grapes for the most part and a little pinot noir here, while in Masnago they are syrah vines.  In 2018 we produced our first bottles of white, but I wasn’t satisfied: I’m all about quality and I like things done right.”

In this area, slightly higher than Via Valletta, in the land surrounding the church and kindergarten of Casciago and sloping gently down towards Morosolo, there were once many vineyards, later replaced by buildings and construction.


In the upper part of Casciago there is another wine production area, which we have reported on in the past.

vino casciago varese

“I have always seen vineyards in areas similar to ours, in the area of Ghemme for example, where there is certainly more tradition, but where at the same time the climate and the type of environment is close to that of Casciago,’ Bianchi tells us. So, I have tried and the results are coming in. Of course, it’s an investment that requires patience: waiting for the vines to grow, the harvest, the vinification and then the product. I believed in it and decided to invest, even during the first lockdown, for example, I bought another piece of land and planted more vines, as well as improving what I already had. It takes a lot of work and patience.

A lot of work for those who, during the weeks, take care of gardens and trees around the province and at the weekend devote themselves to the vineyard: “This is where we spend our free time. On Saturdays and Sundays we are here working, my family and I,” he says. “When there is a grape harvest, it is a party, just like in the old days, with a banquet, friends helping out, the wine flowing. We do everything ourselves, in the most natural way possible. We plant, harvest and care for our grapes here, then we make wine in Morazzone, at Cascina Ronchetto, a point of reference. This area is an ideal place for vines, it is always exposed to the sun, and we have kept the rows wide to allow the plants to breathe. At Casciago, we have focused on sparkling wine produced using the classic method, and we hope it will be a good year. I’d bet on the rosé: it’s really good, made from Syrah grapes from the Masnago vineyard, thanks to an intuition of Luca Braga, the agronomist who follows me, so much so that the wine is called Luca’s. The lockdown has somewhat slowed down the diffusion and distribution, but you can find my wines in various local bars, in neighbourhood shops and in a few restaurants in the area. If you want to see how we work or get information, you can come and visit me on Saturday afternoons here in the middle of the vineyard.


Translated by Andrei Aldea and Elena Gandelli

Reviewed by Prof. Robert Clarke

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Pubblicato il 23 Giugno 2021
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Galleria fotografica

Un vino da "Emotion" che nasce in mezzo al verde tra Casciago e Masnago 4 di 14


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