The “technological chalk” wins the national contest about innovation.

The "LimVtouch" project developed by Giuseppe Lo Pinto, laboratory technician of a High School of Varese, won the first prize of the “BitBumBam" contest.

 A simple, but potentially revolutionary idea. It has been considered in this way by the Ing Direct judges, promoters of the "BitBumBam" contest, launched to discover innovative ideas and stimulate children’s fantasy, the digital natives. The contest was created from the premise that, nowadays, half of the children between 6 and 10 years old, are familiar with technology, touch screens, multimedia.

At the end the jury had to search among 300 suggestions for the most innovative and the easiest to use. With his great surprise, Giuseppe Lo Pinto, laboratory technician in a High School in Varese, won the first prize for his project "LimVtouch".

The system presented considers a "interactive blackboards" at a moderate cost. "Everything starts from a Wii console" explained Lo Pinto "which interfaces through the bluetooth system or infrared laser with the controller. I’ve adapted a system created by a Google developer to the School needs. Its advantage is that teachers  can bring home the program and prepare lessons calmly. So the emotional obstacle of the low familiarity with technology will be ridden out. Moreover, there’s no need for special blackboards because every surface can become a screen."

While the announcement of "Web3 generation", which make available 15 millions of euros to support the technological innovation in schools, is open, now the main problem remains the real potential of tablets and PCs in schools where internet connections are insufficient, there are non-existent textbooks and low availability of the teachers to innovate the traditional didactics.

So, Giuseppe Lo Pinto suggests an economic and flexible model that could also meet the favour of who is restrained by the low knowledge of the subject: " the console is simple and handy. A teacher could bring it home and practice."

The jury of the BitBumBam contest have commented on their decision with these words:" the intelligent chalk of LimVtouch is a brilliant intuition, the team is solid and the instrument has a very favourable pricing compared with every similar product on the market. This educational instrument, compared with other tools, is pocket-sized and simple to use. These are some of the reasons that let the team of LimVtouch, deservedly the victor of this first contest edition, bring back home the prize of 25,000 euros and 6 months of consultancy by iStarter.

Pubblicato il 21 febbraio 2014
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