The agreement between the MAGA and the Triennale falls through

Said to be imminent at the beginning of October, the operation has become deadlocked over available resources. "The hypothesis has waned," said Cassani. Councillor Peroni. "But the museum is going on with its activities."

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The operation was announced as imminent at the beginning of October, but a little less than two months later, the agreement between the MAGA and the Triennale in Milan which would have brought Silvana Annicchiarico to Gallarate to be the President of the MAGA, has fallen through for good.

The synergy between the museum in Gallarate and the historic institution in Milan was the central point of the project of Cassani’s administration for the MAGA, in line (it should be said) with a collaboration between the two organisations that had already begun. However, the agreement fell through over the question of the resources that should be allocated; “The hypothesis has waned,” Mayor Andrea Cassani confirmed. The context and the proposal were interesting, according to the Triennale, but the resources allocated were insufficient: €300,000 was the request from Milan, €200,000 the offer made by Gallarate (with an additional commitment to allocate sponsorship funds), to come from the resources already budgeted for today. “My goal is to keep below the historical costs,” the Mayor added, as he explained that the agreement should be included in the annual funding the council gives to the Zanella Foundation, who manage the MAGA.

Although the agreement with the Triennale had a strategic importance for the area of culture, it should be mentioned that the choice of the President of the Zanella Foundation also depended on it: the hypothesis, officially expressed in September, was that Silvana Annicchiarico, the Director of the Triennale Design Museum (one of the institutions that make up the Triennale), should come to Gallarate.

And the suggestion, which was said to be imminent, had convinced the outgoing president, Giacomo Buonanno, to stay; Buonanno, who was appointed by the Guenzani administration, had resigned, but had remained in order to guarantee continuity. At the end of October, when Forza Italia included Buonanno’s name among the “unwanted” of the Guenzani era who were still on the boards of companies controlled by the Council, Cassani rushed to reaffirm that the outgoing president was providing an essential function.

However, in the last few days, Buonanno wrote to the Prefect (who oversees the Foundations) to say that he might accept additional responsibility in a difficult situation, and at this point, Cassani responded in a clearly less conciliatory way. “Considering the results of 2016, we agree with him that he must be replaced.” The words used by the Councillor for Culture, Isabella Peroni, to confirm her wish to provide continuity for the museum, were less harsh. “As soon as we have the name of the new president, he will take over from Buonanno, who has been more than capable and patient, so far.”


In the meantime, Councillor Peroni is not hiding her displeasure over the image in danger of being given, of a museum in a state of stalemate if not disarray. “Saying that the MAGA has to start again assumes that it stopped. But that’s not the case: the MAGA has been carrying out all of its activities; now, we are just continuing. I’m really sorry to read there are some who are saying the museum is in a state of hibernation” (two exhibitions are taking place in Gallarate and in the Palazzo Leone da Perego in Legnano, in addition to other external, hosted initiatives, such as Humour in Gallarate).

Are the historical resources sufficient? “Yes, the Council is continuing to play its part. But in addition to this, there is the amazing work of the museum, who continue to look for new sponsors, apart from the resources that come from public announcements, a method that now typifies the activity of this museum. We also count on Art Bonuses, which include significant deductions for anyone who makes a donation: publicising this mechanism may bring in new resources.”

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