He skips school without warning his parents. This triggers an alarm on social networks

The boy came back home at around 7 PM after a day of concern for his parents. Meanwhile, many announcements about his disappearance had been posted on social networks.

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Luckily, the day of fear for the parents of a very young student of Varese had a happy ending, with the boy coming back at around 7 PM. However, there had previously been hours of pure panic and alarm, which was spread, not without exaggerations, on social networks, particularly on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Everything started on a Monday morning, of 9th April: the 12-year-old boy was driven to Varese, in the area of Casbeno, near the post office, about a hundred metres from his middle school, by his father. But, the young boy decided to skip school, and to turn off his cell-phone, maybe not knowing that his parents would be warned of his absence by the online register, which had already been checked in the morning by his mother.

The concern increased with the hours, as the student did not come back home. In the various Whatsapp school groups, and others, an appeal in the style of “Crimewatch”, with a photo of the minor attached, started circulating. The same happened on Facebook, where the photo and the appeal were shared by hundreds of people, some close to the family, others attracted by the emotional wave, typical of social networks, many hours before the report by the parents to the police.

Only at around 6/6:30 PM the parents, concerned about their son’s prolonged absence, went to the police, who started looking for him. This was over soon, after the young boy called and came back at around 7 PM, after an “off duty” day without permission.

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