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The Casati Foundry in Varese and Ercole Comerio in Busto Arsizio are two extremely important examples of Industry 4.0. Their stories are included in the film DigitaLife, which is being screened at the Multisala Impero Varese, on Wednesday, 23 January.

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Smartphones, tablets, oculos and 3D glasses are entering factories alongside the many old tools of the last century. However, this change does not only relate to the tools, but the entire production process.

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This is easily understood as you enter the historic Casati Foundry in Varese and Malnate. Gianluigi, one of the protagonists at the beginning of the docufilm DigitaLife, brought us into his company, a significant part of which is now automated. The technology makes it possible to reduce risks and heavy work, but at the same time guarantees greater production.

Industry 4.0 is not a slogan, but a new way of producing and managing services. After explaining what changes have occurred, Gianluigi speaks of the need to have new training that produces a workforce that is also 4.0.

The long story of Ercole Comerio, which dates back to the nineteenth century, has undergone considerable evolution. It was once part of the mechanical-textile industry, that is, the business of building production lines for fabrics. The work has changed in terms of both the sectors and the processes.

From inside his company, Riccardo Comerio talks about how the world is all connected today, and therefore we produce by designing directly in 3D and thanks to an oculos the technicians can enter the machines, which might be situated a great distance away. With few steps, you can get to China, or Brazil, and this reduces times and costs. All of the machines produced have sensors that provide data that give a lot of information.

In the independence of the film, this very important part has limited space, but it could not be left out, because the economy has an extremely important role in community life. Companies are undergoing a great transformation, and therefore, their change with respect to the Internet is fully part of the work.

The stories of Riccardo Comerio and Gialuigi Casati are part of the fifty-plus stories that make up the film produced by Varese Web, in collaboration with RAI Cinema and the Fondazione Ente per lo Spettacolo. The 75-minute film deals with change as it has affected the lives of the many people who speak about their experiences. It is like a puzzle that courageously enters into many aspects, without neglecting pain, anger, illness, death or dramatic social phenomena, such as cyberbullying. In addition to these, there are also moments of joy, beauty, art, travel, work. In short, the goal of DigitaLife is to talk about how life has changed with the advent of digital technology.


For the Varese premiere, DigitaLife will be shown at the Multisala Impero, on Wednesday 23 January, at 8.00 p.m. It will be followed by brief comments by the director, Francesco Raganato, Marco Giovannelli, Riccardo Comerio, the Chairman of the Association of Industrialists of Varese Province, Giuliano Galli, the General Manager of the Prealpina FAI area.

The event is on Facebook. Book your discounted ticket online with VareseNews.

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Digitalife Varese 4 di 13


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