Universities, recipe for getting about without polluting, in a video

Insubria’s call invites students, lecturers and technicians to take part in the competition promoted by “U-mob Life” among Italian universities


For many students, getting to the university by public transport is uncomfortable and difficult. The lack of routes and the fear of delays often convince them to come by car. This increases traffic, and leads to difficulties in finding parking spaces, and causes a lot of pollution.

The University of Insubria has therefore invited everyone that comes to the university to take part in a video competition on the topic of sustainable mobility and accessibility in Italian universities.

Participants in the competition will produce a short video, of 1-3 minutes, to talk about the problems and advantages of the various means of transport, and suggest alternative solutions.

Participation is open to students, recent graduates, researchers, lecturers and technical-administrative staff at the University of Insubria. Registration must be done, and videos submitted, by 28 February.

The result of the competition will be decided by a jury, who will consider the content, message, creativity, as well as image and sound quality. For more information, visit (https://www.uninsubria.it/opportunita/concorso-premi-u-mob-video-sullaccessibilità-e-la-mobilità-sostenibile).

The initiative is being organised in collaboration with the University of Bergamo, and is part of the project “U-mob Life”. Funded by the European Commission, “U-mob Life” is a programme whose goal is to promote collaboration among European universities to achieve more environmentally friendly, integrated and economically efficient mobility.

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