He murdered an old man in Comerio; the Carabinieri track him down via Facebook

He was using his real name and his photo. He preferred to chat rather than hide: he is one of the two Romanians who had murdered the 87-year-old Carlo Ossola during a robbery in his house.


The Carabinieri have discovered and arrested one of the two murderers of an old man from Comerio, which had taken place in 2004, and they succeeded in finding him thanks to his Facebook profile, where he had signed in with his real name and posted one of his photos.

It seems incredible but the 47-year-old Sinauschi Vasile, a cook by profession, at this point should think that the murder of Carlo Ossola, a man killed with a billhook in the night of 10th September 2004, had been forgotten by Italian investigators.

Luckily, it was not like this. One of the two murderers, Nastase Vasile (the two accomplices have the same surname) had already been arrested in 2004. He had been prosecuted and sentenced to life imprisonment, now he is serving it.

The second criminal was discovered on 1st February by the Carabinieri of Varese, while he was surfing Facebook. For a long time, the Public Prosecutor Massimo Politi, who was given the court record back, had had a new impulse to investigations. The same day, the Public Prosecutor’s office in Varese had asked for the European warrant.

Investigators has known since 2004 that Sinauschi Vasile was one of the murderers. Some time later, Nastase Vasile was arrested in Milan because of Giuseppe Zito’s murder (a fruit seller stabbed to death during the night of 16th September in his house in the centre of Novara) and he told everything to investigators.

He said that they came directly from Romania and they headed to Comerio to a house seen before, they broke in during the night looking for money and he also said that the accomplice grabbed the billhook and hit Carlo Ossola’s head because he did not want to talk.

They had left the house in disarray but the amount of money €4,000 and Postal passbooks, hidden in the woodshed, had been found by the Carabinieri of Varese. The depositions had been confirmed by analysis of cellular radio stations, moreover the RIS had found Nastase’s fingerprint there. In the meanwhile, he had already been arrested for another crime. The two men have also been accused of rape of a homosexual prostitute that had been carried out in Sesto San Giovanni in those days.

Thanks to all this information, the Carabinieri of Varese looked for him monitoring social networks and then they found him in the easier way. Sinauschi Vasile used his real name on Facebook and posted his photo on his profile. The control of his movement lasted a year. He had been working as a cook in Eastern Germany, then he had moved in Bavaria. For several times the Public Prosecutor of Varese had asked Facebook for more accurate information in order to verify his identity, but the cooperation with German police was determining. After some stakeout, the 9th February the German police had located him the in Unterdietfurt, South Bavaria, where he had been living with his partner and some compatriots. He was extradited in Italy, and at the moment, he is imprisoned in the Rebibbia Prison (Rome).

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