Nativity scenes on the water, the magic of Christmas, in Valle Antigorio

From 7 December 2019 to 6 January 2020, the return of the event dedicated to Nativity scenes produced with creativity by enthusiastic citizens.

Presepi sull'acqua a Crodo

The Nativity scenes on the water, in Valle Antigorio, are returning (photo by Marco Benedetto Cerini).

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Crodo, i Presepi sull’acqua 4 di 11

Dozens of nativity scenes, craft installations, both traditional and experimental, with a common denominator: water. It is a simple and winning recipe, which, in the last five years, has attracted a very large audience seeking to discover the territory that hosts these precious Nativity scenes.

The water that flows under the Nativity scenes is that of seventeenth century stone fountains, it is the water of ancient washhouses, the meeting places for women of old, and even the water of streams that become the natural settings of the Nativity scenes on the water of Crodo, in Valle Antigorio, which can be visited from 7 December 2019 to 6 January 2020.

The curators, simple and enthusiastic citizens, with exceptional creativity, promise to amaze, even in this sixth year: Nativity scenes on the water is a widespread event and today it is one of the most unusual Christmas events in the country.

Small minimalist scenes are interspersed with large, impressive ones, the result of great skill, often made with the natural elements provided by this part of Val d’Ossola.

Crodo and its mountain hamlets will provide the setting for a tour of magic and emotions, amid about fifty Nativity Scenes; this idea, which is as simple as it is charming, has continued thanks to the will of the curators, who work for months to get the scenes ready. The event transforms into an original rediscovery of a territory in which uncontaminated landscapes blend with the characteristic alpine architecture.

The route is always accessible, day and night, when the lights of the Nativity scenes make this experience even more magical, along roads, paths and mule tracks that lead from the 500m altitude of Crodo, to the 1200m of the highest village, Alpe Foppiano.

A visit to the Nativity scenes on the water is also an opportunity to discover the natural wonders of the Valle Antigorio, and the gastronomic delights of this little corner of the Alps. Thus, a visit to the local restaurants is de rigueur, to savour the delicious gourmet dishes prepared with local products, and a visit to the producers and artisans who offer their mountain cheeses, oven products, herbs and high-quality cured meats, will satisfy the most demanding palates. Welcoming accommodation facilities, wellness centres and the nearby thermal baths of Premia complete the territory’s offer.

The event’s website ( will publish the complete map of the route, which can be covered entirely on foot (by the more athletic), or along some sections by car and then, between villages and hamlets, strictly along mule tracks and pedestrian routes, in a real “hunt for the Nativity scene”.

After the positive experience of last year, the convenient minibus shuttle service will run again. Official website:


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Galleria fotografica

Crodo, i Presepi sull’acqua 4 di 11


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