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Open day online alla Olona International School

La scuola multilingue di Fagnano Olona si prepara a ripartire a settembre e intende garantire l’attività didattica riportando in classe tutti gli studenti per l’intero tempo scuola previsto dall’offerta formativa

La tua visiera made in Cantello

Ghiringhelli Srl e 3DVoxel Srl hanno hanno disegnato e prodotto una visiera protettiva stampata in 3D, apribile e pensata anche per chi deve indossare occhiali speciali, come gli odontoiatri




Travel tips: the walk of the Rota Vicentina

It is one of the most beautiful walks in Europe for those people who love walking paths; it is also known as the “Via Vicentina”, which runs along the Portugal occidental coast with an ocean view. This is the best you could ask for for a walk or for those who are fond of trekking.

Penperduto Tornavento


From Panperduto to Tornavento on foot

Water is the main feature of this new section of footpaths in Varese Province. The distance from Panperduto to Tornavento is 14 kilometres, in the safe surroundings of nature, and of great works of human ingenuity

Le capanne alpine del Canton Ticino


Two hearts and… eighty shacks

This is a new website dedicated to this particular Swiss accommodation offer: a truly alternative solution for those who want to explore the paths of Ticino or spend a night away from everything and everyone