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Dal Piantone alle piantine: la città disalberata

L’opinione di Valerio Crugnola, consigliere della LIsta Galimberti, su di un argomento spinoso per la “città giardino”: quella della diminuzione del patrimonio arboreo “un tema su cui porre attenzione”

Il Sacro Monte di notte


The Via dei Sacri Monti between Piedmont and Lombardy

Over the past decade, the nine sacred ways were recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In Lombardy, the Sacred Mountains are two, one in Varese and the other in Ossuccio while the remaining seven are on the Piedmontese territory

Il borgo di Orta


Orta, the charm of past times: art, history and culture

As one of the prettiest villages in Italy, Orta has received the Italian Touring Club’s Bandiera Arancione (Orange Flag) as a mark of excellence. It has inspired writers and film directors, and is the ideal destination for a day trip in search of typical and characteristic lake surroundings


The three lives of Torba Monastery

On Saturday, in the evening edition of the TG1, a long broadcast about the monastery of Torba was transmitted. The journalist Caterina Proietti interviewed Elena Castiglioni who told the story of the UNESCO Heritage site

Arte - Mostre


Sixty-metre mural for Viggiù

On 18 May, the large project, which has been completed by the students of the Frattini High School, over three years, will be inaugurated